Basement Waterproofing Baltimore, MD

Our certified basement waterproofing technicians will inspect your home to diagnose all possible sources of water entry. After the inspection, we will sit down with you to review the cause of your wet basement and our recommended solutions. Unlike some of our competitors, we are not “pushy” and don’t force our valued customers into making a decision. We are here to help you  in waterproofing your basement to make it dry, healthy and enjoyable again. Request an estimate today for our Maryland Basement Waterproofing Services.

If you don’t see a particular waterproofing service on our website, be sure to give us a call, because most likely we’ll be able to fulfill your request. There are so many different aspects involved in protecting a basement from water intrusion, it’s impossible to list everything.  With our vast experience and state of the art equipment, we can cover all of your basement waterproofing needs in Baltimore or throughout Maryland.

Equipment. We can install all kinds of water-draining and air-purifying equipment, including:

  • Sump Pumps
  • E-Z Breathe Ventilation System
  • Submersible and Battery Back-Up Pump Systems

Interior Basement Waterproofing. In many cases, interior waterproofing can be sufficient to solve your leaky basement problem. We perform:

  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Interior Wall Set-Backs and Wall Pins
  • Interior Roughcasting
  • Interior Cove Channel Systems
  • Interior Monolithic and Grate Channels
  • Interior Lower Wall Drain core Vent Channel Systems
  • Interior Sub-Floor French Drain Channel and Pressure Relief Systems
  • Interior Floor/Slab Pins

Exterior Waterproofing. More often than not, the cause of a leaky basement is poor yard drainage. We have a few solutions for that:

  • Exterior Coatings
  • Exterior Drain Down Shields
  • Exterior Sub-Soil Drain Fields
  • Exterior and Interior Wall Bracing
  • Window Well, Stairwell and Areaway Drain Systems

Don’t wait to address your leaking basement. Neglecting this issue could cause severe damage to your foundation / basement walls. This structural damage could put you and your family at risk. It is best to take immediate action in waterproofing your basement and/or repair your foundation. Contact us today to speak with one of our Baltimore basement waterproofing specialists 410-609-1240.


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