7 Simple Unfinished Basement Ideas

basement music 1 7 Simple Unfinished Basement IdeasNot everyone has funds and time to finish the basement, and there is nothing wrong with it. Whether you’ve started and never completed the project or haven’t attempted it at all, your basement is still a large usable space.

At Budget Waterproofing, we know that every basement has a great potential just waiting to be realized.

Before you decide what to do with your unfinished basement, do as much finishing as possible. We don’t mean putting up walls and installing plumbing, but remember – the more effort you invest, the better the result. Focus on the following areas:

-     Waterproofing. This should be your number one concern, because no matter what you turn your unfinished basement into, you don’t want it to get ruined by an unexpected flood. Invest in a good sump pump, make sure the ground slopes away from the foundation and call your local Maryland basement waterproofing company to get all the cracks fixed.

-     Mold Remediation. Proper waterproofing should take care of the future mold problems, but if you currently have mold in your basement, make sure to hire a mold remediation specialist to get rid of it. Protect your family members from mold spores that can cause severe allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

-     Insulating. Good insulation in the basement will help keep the indoor temperature cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This is essential if you plan on spending long hours down in the basement.

-     Flooring. Installing floors in your basement is not necessary, but will certainly help create a more comfortable atmosphere. If you choose to do without floor coverings, remember to keep a pair of slippers to use over the cold concrete.

Once you are done with prepping, think how you want to use your unfinished basement. Feel free to combine any or all of these ideas:

Laundry room. It’s no secret you can set up a laundry room in the basement. Because basement gives you so much more space than a traditional laundry room, you can easily fit in an ironing board, full shelf of cleaning products, and even a drying line.

Pet paradise. Designate a corner for your pets where you can store pet toys, pet food and supplies, pet carriers and even litter boxes. If you have cats, set up a few scratch posts and a play area where your pets can safely run around without you worrying about scratches on the floor and furniture.

Gym. If you happen to own some gym equipment, need a place to lift weights or dance to your favorite tune or console game, basement is your perfect solution. Install a special cushioned mat in one section of the basement to have nice surface for your workout.

Playroom. Set up a playroom straight across from the gym section. This way, you can work out while watching your kids – how convenient is that? Depending on the size of your basement and ceiling height, you can even install plastic slides, swings and other kid-friendly furniture for indoor winter fun.

Craft studio. Store all your sewing, drawing, scrapbooking and other craft supplies in one place. In the basement, you can have your own corner where you can craft all you want without worrying about making a mess.

Game room or party space. You don’t need a fully finished basement to have a few friends come over watch movies, play video games, a round of Ping-Pong or pool. All you need is an old couch, an electric outlet and some entertainment.

Storage. And, of course, let’s not forget about storage. You will need a space to store all the seasonal decorations and clothes, unused furniture, keepsakes and other things that are rarely used. Stack labeled plastic bins along a basement wall for easy access.

Do you have a vision yet? Unfinished basement is such a versatile space – you can do anything with it. And the more work you do in terms on insulating and finishing – the fewer limitations you’ll have. Remember to call us for all your Baltimore basement waterproofing needs: we want to make sure your basement is safe and leak-free before you proceed with your plans.