6 Ideas for Halloween Basement Decorating

halloween basement decor 271x300 6 Ideas for Halloween Basement DecoratingHalloween is coming up fast and if you are hosting a party this year or just decided to trick your family members, you must decorate the basement. Unfinished basement is perfect for Halloween: it has a natural creepy dungeon feel that can be enhanced with the right decor.

At Budget Basement Waterproofing we know everything about basements, including decoration, so we came up with a few ideas to boost your creativity.




Go low with the lights

Darkness is you friend. Going down the stairs into a peach-black abyss of the basement is scary any time of the year – and plain terrifying on Halloween. Use black or red lights to draw attention to a few statement décor pieces, like a bloody murder scene or a chalk outline. While people are looking around, they get distracted from the traps you’ve set up. Strobe light is also a great way to disorient your guests.

Take advantage of the corners

If you have corners, pillars or just large objects in the basement that can provide a hiding spot, use them to hide an element of surprise. This could be a motion-sensor spider that jumps out of nowhere or your costumed friend waiting for an unsuspecting victim.

Don’t forget about the floors

When it’s dark and throb lights are messing with everyone’s vision, it’s difficult to see what you are stepping on. Strategically place some gooey, squishy or noise-making pranks around the basement floor and watch your guests jump away in fear or disgust.

Don’t make it obvious

Gory scene in everyone’s view is cool and is often enough to scare those with weak stomachs, but subtle creepiness and realism is what can get the tough guys. Clowns are known for creeping people out; place a few around the basement in hidden spots. If you have a basement window, put a scary realistic mask behind it to create an illusion that someone is peeping. Or make cardboard cutouts to cast frightening shadows on the walls. Things like that are not expected and have potential to give someone chills.

Switch it up

Once all the guests get familiar with your spooky basement, change a few things up. Quickly hang cob webs in a new spot or move the floor traps around. People would think they know where not to step and you will play on their false sense of security. It also helps to have a major scare tactic reserved for last. Half an hour into the party your guests will think they’ve seen it all, and it is a big opportunity to surprise them with another wicked trick.

Remember to treat

Tricking people is fun, but don’t forget to treat them as well. Set up a food or drink station with some suspicious liking or smelling refreshments. You can find plenty of Halloween recipes online, such this one for witch finger cookies (warning: looks gross!)

And once the decoration is finished, don’t forget to take a picture of your spooky basement and enter it into our photo contest for a chance to win gift cards to a home improvement store. Make sure nothing ruins your Halloween celebration, especially such inconvenience as a basement flood. Call your Baltimore basement waterproofing experts to get all the leaks fixed before the big day. Check here for more contests and sweepstakes.